How do you enable right-click paste in VScode, and select to copy?

It is excellent that VScode is my favourite IDE, as it is evolving daily with more features and enhancements. Every update comes with a lot of changes! I could see one of the recent updates changed how the cop/pastes are working on vscode‘s inbuilt terminal window. I usually copy by selecting the text and paste using right-click. Recently, Microsoft changed this, and now we need to do Ctrl + c to copy and Ctrl+v to paste. There are ways to enable the copy pastes by text-select and pasting it by right-clicking. This guide will walk you through it quickly.

How to enable the action – vscode terminal right-click paste

You would have to configure this from the terminal settings. Here is the fastest way to do it:

  • Open – Configure Terminal Settings
    • You can access the settings window by the down arrow on the right top of the terminal window.
    • Then select Configure Terminal Settings
    • Or by using the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + ,
  • The settings terminal window will open.
  • Search for : @feature:terminal right click
  • From the option settings dropdown, select paste.

Here is the demo if you are unfamiliar with the vscode settings window.

vscode settings - how to enable text paste using right-click
vscode settings – enabling text paste using right-click

How to allow the action – vscode terminal select to copy

Similar to the above step to enable right-click paste, you can select to copy by doing the below setting.

  • Open the settings window, then
  • Search for : @feature:terminal copy
  • From the option settings checkbox, keep the tick-mark ON to enable copy on select.
  • Settings will take effect immediately so that you can close the settings window.
Enable text-copy action by selection from the settings
vscode settings – text copy by selection

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In this quick guide, we have seen how to enable copy and paste in VS code terminal by using text-select, and mouse right-click shortcuts. I hope this is useful for you for a faster development experience.