How to open a windows PowerShell using MobaXterm?

MobaXterm natively supports SSH, telnet, WSL, CMD, Windows PowerShell, AWS S3, etc. It can open a PowerShell as the starting shell. Here is how you can do it

How do you open a Windows PowerShell using MobaXterm?

  • Open your MobaXterm
  • From the top menu, click on Sessions
  • From the Session settings window, click on the Shell button
  • Under the Basic Shell settings tab, select Terminal Shell Windows PowerShell
  • Also, select a startup directory of your choice, which the PowerShell will start as your startup folder (this is an optional step).
  • Now, Click the OK button to open a windows PowerShell window!

With this, you should be able to use multiple Windows PowerShell in a tabbed view or with your other sessions.


We have covered the steps on how mobaxterm runs a PowerShell session. If you are looking for more MobaXterm How-To guides, please check MobaXterm Guides.

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