MobaXterm split-screen shortcut keys (and how to exit split-screen)

Mobaxterm has shortcut keys to split-screen

Older version of MobaXterm:

Ctrl + Shift 1 (or 2/3/4)

There are some changes in recent versions,

For the newer versions of mobaxterm:

Ctrl + Alt 1 (or 2/3/4)

In some versions, these keyboard shortcut keys do not work, in that case..?

How do you split the screen without using keyboard shortcut keys?

Alternate ways for Windows to split by going to the View menu and selecting.

  • Single terminal mode
  • Two terminal modes, vertical
  • Two terminals mode horizontal
  • Four terminals mode

How do you exit the split-screen in MobaXterm?

To return to single terminal mode or exit the split screen, Go to the View Menu and click on single terminal mode.

This will work across your SSH, CMD, WSL, RDP tabs, etc. I hope it helps you save some time!