MobaXterm split-screen shortcut keys (and how to exit split-screen)

Mobaxterm has shortcut keys to split-screen

Older version of MobaXterm:

Ctrl + Shift 1 (or 2/3/4)

There are some changes in recent versions,

For the newer versions of mobaxterm:

Ctrl + Alt 1 (or 2/3/4)

In some versions, these keyboard shortcut keys do not work, in that case..?

How to split-screen without using keyboard shortcut keys?

Alternate ways for windows split is by going to the View menu and selecting

  • Single terminal mode
  • Two terminal modes vertical
  • Two terminals mode horizontal
  • Four terminals mode

How to exit split-screen in MobaXterm?

To go back to the single terminal mode or to exit split-screen, Go to View Menu then click on single terminal mode.

This will work across your tabs for SSH, CMD, WSL RDP, etc. Hope this is helpful for you to save some time!