How to save terminal output on MobaXterm screen without selecting manually

Selecting the terminal screen logs can be tedious and could be a dangerous task if you are in a critical server environment. The problem is, by mistake if you right-click, all commands in the clipboard will be sent to the screen again!

Here is a better and inbuilt way of storing MobaXterm command line output.

How to save the terminal screen or session output of Mobaxterm?

  • Go to the opened tab in which you want to save the screen logs
  • Right-click on the tab
  • From the pop-up menu, click on the Save terminal output option
  • When prompted, where to save your file, select an appropriate location, choose the file name and file extension type, such as .txt
  • Plain text type will be a simple text file
  • Whereas Rich Text Document will save the formatting of the screen log including colour.

With this, you have successfully saved (or exported) your terminal screen logs to a file.

How to save mobaxterm screen logs to local windows computer

That explains two ways for saving mobaxterm session output to file(s)