The Best Terminal For Mac ( comparing seven command line tools)

Here are a few options:

  1. Terminal (Built-in): The default Terminal application with macOS is a solid choice for many users, providing basic features for command-line tasks.
  2. iTerm2: A popular third-party terminal emulator, iTerm2 offers split panes, hotkey support, and a highly customizable interface. It is known for its performance and extensive feature set.
  3. Hyper: An Electron-based terminal, Hyper is highly customizable using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It has a modern design and supports various plugins.
  4. Alacritty: This fast, cross-platform terminal emulator focuses on simplicity and performance. It is GPU-accelerated, making it one of the fastest terminals available.
  5. Kitty: Another GPU-accelerated terminal emulator, Kitty, is known for its speed and efficiency. It supports features like ligatures, true-color, and graphics.
  6. Terminator: Originally a Linux terminal emulator, Terminator has been ported to macOS. It offers features like multiple terminals in one window, a tabbed interface, and layout management.
  7. Fish (Friendly Interactive Shell): While not a terminal emulator itself, Fish is a user-friendly shell that pairs well with various terminal emulators. It emphasizes simplicity, syntax highlighting, and auto-suggestions.