How to search a file name in visual studio code?

Finding a file using its name in VScode is simple. However, if you use the search option from the left panel file explorer, using the name as a search word, it won’t show matching files. The solution is here in this article.

VScode, how to search for a file?

how to find file name in vs code?

Ctrl + P

Use the Control + p keyword shortcut to open the search box. Here is what it looks like.

how to find file in vscode
Filename search in vs code

This is a quick file search method if you are quickly looking to open the file.

To summarize, we have gone through the steps to search files in vscode. Your vscode has more advanced file search options available.

Please refer to this complete guide for them: VSCode advanced file search options


In this article, we discussed how to use Visual Studio Code’s file name search function. VScode is one of the most actively developed IDE today. Features and options are added or enhanced on every update. Please check the latest release notes for more up-to-date information.

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