How to change DNS in Windows 10 to Cloudflare DNS

#1. Getting Cloudflare DNS IPs

Free DNS IPs from Cloudflare and

#2. Steps to edit your Windows 10 DNS

  • Open Windows 10 Start Menu
  • Type network status, Click on the result: Network Status
  • From the Network status window, click on Change adapter Options
  • A new window should open listing all your network adapters
  • Identify the active network adapter (if there are multiple), the active one shoud have a full-signal green graph
  • Right-click on the active adapter
  • Click on the properties menu option
  • Another window wll open listing <YOUR-ADAPTER> Properties
  • Under the listing, Select the Internet Version Protocol 4(TCP/IPv4) (do not uncheck the check box)
  • Click on the Properties button
  • Another window will open, with title: Internet Version Protocol 4(TCP/IPv4) Properties
  • Middle of that window, select Use the following DNS server addresses
  • Enter Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server:
  • Click OK to save your DNS server settings and exit.

You have successfully configured your network DNS to Cloudflare DNS!