How to change DNS settings on your PC running Windows 11 to free Google DNS IPs

#1. Getting the Google DNS IPs

Google DNS IPs are free to use, from Google and

#2. Steps to edit network DNS settings of Windows 11

  • From your Windows 11 taskbar – right click on the WiFi icon
  • Click on the small pop-up menu Network and Internet settings
  • A new window will open – Network and Internet settings – click on the Properties box there
  • A little below that page, find the Edit button for DNS server assignment and click on it.
  • Edit Network DNS settings will open
  • Click on the drop-down option, and select Manual & then IPv4
  • A DNS editor window will open as shown below. Enter Google DNS IPs there
  • Click Save to set your DNS server settings.

You have successfully configured your network DNS to Google DNS!

Alternative DNS: Cloudflare DNS Configuration for Windows 11