Python script to extract data from a text file

To extract data from a text file in Python, you’ll typically read the file line by line and process the content according to your requirements. Here’s a simple example to get you started:

Let’s assume you have a text file named data.txt with the following content:

Name: CodeTryout
Age: 25
Occupation: Software Engineer

Name: Python Developer
Age: 30
Occupation: Data Scientist

Here’s a Python script to read this file and extract the information:

def extract_data(file_path):
    # Open the file in read mode
    with open(file_path, 'r') as file:
        # Initialize variables to store extracted data
        current_person = {}
        all_people = []

        # Read the file line by line
        for line in file:
            # Check if the line is empty (end of a person's information)
            if line.strip() == '':
                if current_person:
                    # Append the current person's data to the list
                    # Reset current_person for the next iteration
                    current_person = {}
                # Split each line into key and value
                key, value = line.strip().split(': ')
                # Store key-value pair in the current_person dictionary
                current_person[key] = value

        # Append the last person's data (if any) to the list
        if current_person:

    return all_people

# Example usage
file_path = 'data.txt'
extracted_data = extract_data(file_path)

# Print the extracted data
for person in extracted_data:
    print("Name:", person.get("Name", ""))
    print("Age:", person.get("Age", ""))
    print("Occupation:", person.get("Occupation", ""))

In this example, the script reads the text file line by line, separates the key and value using split(‘: ‘), and stores the information in a dictionary (current_person). When an empty line is encountered, it considers that the information for one person is complete, and it appends the dictionary to a list (all_people). The script then prints the extracted data for each person.

You can customize this script based on the structure and content of your text file.