How to divide the screen vertically or horizontally in Windows Terminal?

windows terminal split pane shortcuts

It took some time for me to understand, how the split screen works in the Windows terminal. I shall share those tips and tricks with you today, I hope this will save you some time to get these tips, quickly!

Windows Terminal

Microsoft Windows terminal is a relatively new software terminal client tool for connecting to Powershell and Linux systems, however, it is quickly gaining popularity due to its simple, intuitive, and user-friendliness. ( Also read: An alternative for Windows terminal – MobaXterm )

Windows Terminal has several features, where split screen ( or split panes ) is the feature I love the most! Earlier I used to use MobaXterm because it supported multiple tabs.

Let us look into the shortcut keys:

To Split the Windows Terminal screen vertically?

How to split Windows Terminal vertically?

Alt + Shift + =

That is Alt Key, Shift Key, and the = key together.

To Split the Windows Terminal horizontally.

How to split Windows terminal horizontally

Alt + Shift + –

Here, Alt Key, Shift Key, and the key together. The last key is minus, not underscore.


How to close a split screen window in Windows Terminal?

There is no close button to close a specific split-screen!

You can use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + w

How to close a specific split screen in Windows terminal?

Ctrl + Shift + w

You may also try MobaXterm, which has some advanced capabilities in terminal connectivity!