A Simple Powershell script to Print hello world

  • Open a powershell Window
  • Windows Start menu -> Type powershell, and Click on PowerShell from the menu listing
  • Once the Powershell window is opened, type the command Write-Host YourText, example below
PS C:\Users\codetryout> Write-Host Hello World
Hello World

It is a better practice to quote your text, as shown below

PS C:\Users\dev> Write-Host "Hello World"
Hello World

You may apply some colors to your printed text.

Examples for setting the text color (the actual output text will be in red color):

PS C:\Users\dev> Write-Host "Hello World" -ForegroundColor red
Hello World

To set a background color (the actual output text background will be in green)

PS C:\Users\dev> Write-Host "Hello World" -BackgroundColor green
Hello World

Setting both text color and background color, (text in red and background color in green)

PS C:\Users\dev> Write-Host "Hello World" -BackgroundColor green  -ForegroundColor red
Hello World

Here is the complete reference to all supported colors: Powershell Write-Host supported colors