vboxmanage start vm (From Command line)

The command “vboxmanage start vm” is used to start a virtual machine (VM) using VirtualBox, a popular open-source virtualization software. However, the command you provided is incomplete, as it lacks the actual name or UUID of the virtual machine you want to start.

To start a virtual machine using VBoxManage, you need to specify the name or UUID of the VM. Here’s the general syntax for starting a VM:

vboxmanage startvm <VM Name or UUID>

Replace with the actual name or UUID of your virtual machine. If you’re unsure about the name or UUID of your VM, you can list all the available virtual machines using the following command:

vboxmanage list vms

This will display a list of virtual machines along with their names and UUIDs. Once you have the correct name or UUID, you can use it in the startvm command to start the desired VM.

For example, if your virtual machine’s name is “MyVM,” the command to start it would be:

vboxmanage startvm MyVM

If your virtual machine’s UUID is “12345678-abcd-1234-efgh-1234567890code,” the command would be:

vboxmanage startvm 12345678-abcd-1234-efgh-1234567890code

Make sure you have VirtualBox installed and the VBoxManage command is accessible from your command-line interface before attempting to start a virtual machine.