How to install Chrome on Kali Linux using the terminal – [ Just 2 steps! ]

Today, we will install the Google Chrome browser on Kali Linux (on a laptop or Virtualbox VM )with two simple steps. Have a look!

The steps given here are quick and short, yet simple to follow, even a newbie Kali user should be able to follow them!

Step #1 Download the latest Chrome installer from Google.

You can open a Kali terminal and run the following command to download the latest Google Chrome version.


Step #2 Install Chrome using the apt installer.

Run the apt command as follows to install the Chrome browser.

sudo apt install ./google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

Note: Enter your Kali user password if prompted. The default user kali VirtualBox password is kali

With this, your Chrome browser is ready inside your Kali Linux box!

That is a practical guide for installing Google chrome for Kali linux. I hope, that was quick and easy, another simplified guide from CodeTryout. Happy coding!

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