[SOLVED] VMware Fusion sending Shift F10

VMware Fusion does not provide a direct option to send keyboard shortcuts like Shift+F10 (or Shift + Fn + F10 ) to a virtual machine from the host system. This step is crucial to bypass the network unavailability issue while creating a vmware fusion Windows 11 Virtual Machine OS installation.

However, you can use a workaround to achieve this functionality. I found many solutions all over the internet, but none worked except the below solution.

The problem.

You should be able to send Shift+F10 everywhere using an M1/M2 Macos host with regular function keys on the keyboard. However, the latest M2 MacBook Pro with a touch panel doesn’t support this. I connected an external Wireless Keyboard and tried Shift+F10, and it worked!

The Solution

Sending Shift+F10 on Macbook Pro M2 with touch panel

Connect an external Wireless Keyboard and then press Shift + F10, and then you will be provided with the Windows Command (cmd) prompt!

I hope this helps you continue your Windows 11 ARM installation on your Apple Silicon.


I could see many workarounds offered, and many responded, saying it was working! But if none of them worked for you and you are on a Macbook with a touch panel, my solution is worth trying.