Alert Manager yml (YAML) Example

Alertmanager is a component of the Prometheus monitoring system. It handles and manages alerts generated by Prometheus or other monitoring systems and routes them to different receivers, such as email, PagerDuty, Slack, or other systems, for further processing and action.

Here’s an example of an Alertmanager configuration file in YAML format:

  resolve_timeout: 5m

  group_by: ['alertname', 'job']
  group_wait: 30s
  group_interval: 5m
  repeat_interval: 4h
  receiver: 'slack'

- name: 'slack'
  - api_url: ''
    channel: '#alerts'
    send_resolved: true

- source_match:
    severity: 'critical'
    severity: 'warning'
  equal: ['alertname', 'dev', 'instance']

In this example:

  • global section defines global configurations for Alertmanager. In this case, we have set resolve_timeout to 5 minutes.
  • route section specifies the routing rules for alerts. Alerts are grouped by alert name and job. The group_wait field sets the time to wait before sending a group of alerts
  • group_interval determines the interval between sending groups of alerts, and
  • repeat_interval defines how often to repeat the notifications for unacknowledged alerts. The receiver field specifies the name of the receiver to use for sending alerts.
  • receivers section defines the available receivers. In this example, we have a receiver named ‘slack’ which is configured to send alerts to a Slack channel. You’ll need to replace ‘’ with your actual Slack webhook URL.
  • inhibit_rules section specifies the inhibition rules. In this case, it inhibits critical alerts if there is already a warning alert with the same alert name, dev, and instance.

You can save this configuration to a file, e.g., alertmanager.yml, and then start Alertmanager with this configuration file using the –config.file flag:

alertmanager --config.file=alertmanager.yml

Remember to replace ‘’ with your actual Slack webhook URL and customize the other settings according to your requirements.

By using Alertmanager in conjunction with Prometheus, you can build a robust monitoring and alerting system for your applications and infrastructure, ensuring timely notifications and efficient incident response.