Sample selenium code to open google (Using webdriver)

Here’s a sample Selenium code that opens Google using Python:

from selenium import webdriver

# Assuming you have a web driver instance, such as ChromeDriver
driver = webdriver.Chrome()

# Open Google

# Close the browser

In this example, we’re using the ChromeDriver as the web driver instance. You’ll need to have the ChromeDriver executable available in your system and properly configured.

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Make sure you have the Selenium library installed (pip install selenium) and the ChromeDriver executable in your system’s PATH or provide the path to the executable by specifying the executable_path parameter in the webdriver.Chrome() constructor.

Once you run this code, it will open the Google homepage in a new Chrome browser window controlled by Selenium. After that, the driver.quit() method is called to close the browser.

Feel free to modify or enhance this code as per your requirements.