List of must-watch movies for programmers


Antitrust portrays young idealistic programmers and a large corporation (NURV) that offers a significant salary, an informal working environment. src: Wikipedia


In the plot for Blackhat, a nuclear plant in Hong Kong, a hacker causes the coolant pumps to overheat and explode. Soon after, the Mercantile Trade Exchange in Chicago gets hacked, causing soy futures to rise. src: Wikipedia

Enemy of the State

In the plot for Enemy of the State, NSA official Thomas Brian Reynolds meets with U.S. Congressman Phil Hammersley in a public park to discuss support for new counterterrorism legislation the U.S. Congress is pushing that dramatically expands the surveillance powers of intelligence agencies over individuals and groups src: Wikipedia

Ex Machina

In Ex Machina, the story starts with a programmer Caleb Smith, who works for the dominant search engine company Blue Book, wins an office contest for a one-week visit to the luxurious, isolated home of the CEO, Nathan Bateman. src: Wikipedia


11-year-old Dade (Zero Cool) Murphys family is fined $45,000 for his crashing of 1,507 computer systems causing a 7-point drop in the New York Stock Exchange. (src: Wikipedia)


Theodore purchases an operating system upgrade that includes a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence, designed to adapt and evolve. 


After salesmen Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell’s employer goes out of business, Billy applies him and Nick for Google internships. (src: Wikipedia)

More movies from my watchlist

  • Jobs
  • Mr. Robot
  • Pirates of Silicon Valley
  • Sneakers
  • Social Dilemma
  • Social Network
  • Source Code
  • The Founder
  • The Social Network
  • The imitation Game
  • Tron
  • Wargames

Hope you would enjoy watching these movies after your long Work From Home time.