How to install helm-3 in ubuntu 20.04

Here is the popular 3 step installation steps walkthrough of helm 3 installation on Ubuntu, with tips and tricks.

Step #1 Download the package

To download helm3, use the following command

curl -fsSL -o

To verify your download, use the below command:

[email protected]:~$ ls -l
total 16
-rw-rw-r-- 1 devops devops 11248 Sep 27 01:24

Step #2 Change required file permission

chmod 700

Yes, it is a shell script, which will do the actual installation when executed.

Step #3 Install the package

To run the installer, use the below command:


An alternate way, to run all steps in one line

curl | bash

Full install screen log:

[email protected]:~$ curl -fsSL -o
[email protected]:~$ ls -l
total 16
-rw-rw-r-- 1 devops devops 11248 Sep 27 01:24
drwxr-xr-x 3 devops devops  4096 Sep 26 14:43 snap
[email protected]:~$
[email protected]:~$
[email protected]:~$ chmod 700
[email protected]:~$
[email protected]:~$ ./
Verifying checksum... Done.
Preparing to install helm into /usr/local/bin
helm installed into /usr/local/bin/helm
[email protected]:~$
[email protected]:~$

Helm3 installation Screenshot

Checking the helm version

[email protected]:~$ helm version
version.BuildInfo{Version:"v3.7.0", GitCommit:"eeac83883cb4014fe60267ec6373570374ce770b", GitTreeState:"clean", GoVersion:"go1.16.8"}

We used helm version 3 and ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS for this experiment.

This document is prepared based on the official helm documents: